Makstil business strategy

The business strategy of Makstil is firmly embedded in the business strategy of DITH. At Makstil we have adapted our footprint to the new demand realities, intensified our effort to control cost to outperform our competitors. Operational excellence, environmental protection and health & safety, our foremost priorities, are at the core of our strategy.
Makstil develops a long-term competitive strategy for domestic and international market, anticipative of the development of global market. The company is developing a mixed strategy, composed of several individual strategies. 

The Makstil’s most important individual strategies are the following:

Makstil Principles
Cost oriented strategy.

With focus on improving performance by reducing cost per unit. This is to be achieved by implementing policy of investment in technologies and projects leading to reduction of costs.


Focus on continuous improvement, achieving the highest quality standards and raising awareness and commitment to quality at all organizational levels.


Dedicated on creating long term relationship with customers, meeting a customer’s needs, flexibility to provide short term deliveries for complicated specifications and excellent after sales service.


Focus on creating a healthy, safe and comfortable work environment, respecting the diversity of our employees and providing employee training and development to prepare the workforce for company growth.

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